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We design and manufacture Radio Frequency (RF) amplifiers that use solid-state sources to produce high to very-high power at microwave and millimeter-wave frequencies. Our patented Spatial advantEdge™ technology allows us to create more compact product packages that provide higher power, greater reliability and improved efficiency for any mission-critical application.

The Spatial Power Combining Advantage

The spatially power combined amplifier employs a different technique for combining the transistor outputs than traditional MMIC-based amplifiers. Rather than combining in multiple steps, increasing loss and size with each combining stage, all transistor outputs are combined in a single step. Many amplifying elements synchronously amplify the input signal, and their outputs are combined in free space for very high combining efficiency.

For more information on the Spatial Power Advantage, please review the Wavestream Tech Focus article. Or contact us at sales@wavestream.com

Spatial Power Combining

chart - Spatial Power Combining

Two power combining technologies

chart - Two power combining technologies

Case Studies

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